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Tegeta Card

TEGETA CARD (Classic, Silver and Gold) is loyalty card intended for car owners. Card owners can use “My Car History” online service. Points are accumulated on TEGETA CARD when any product or service is purchased at TEGETA MOTORS. One can use this credit to participate in special promotions. In addition, TEGETA CARD owner will be eligible for discounts for various products and services according to the expenses accumulated at the card. Card owners will participate in TEGETA MOTORS special promotion campaigns by accumulating certain amount of points (advertising campaigns, double points, etc.).


Accumulation cards can be taken from the initial cost


The silver card will be transferred to consumers in the amount of 500 GEL as a one-time payment as gradual accumulation

Silver card holders will receive 5% discount on products


The golden card will be transferred to customers with realization of 1500 GEL, which can be accumulated as a one-time seller and gradual accumulation.

Gold card holders will receive 10% discount on products


Points are accumulated by the following principle: 100 GEL = 100 points

                                                                         100 points = 1 GEL

For every accumulated 100 points you will get 1 GEL.


My car history is an online tool for “Tegeta Motor's” retail and corporate clients to track and analyze their expenses and savings regarding purchased products and services. Also, get necessary alerts and notications about their automobile maintenance online. Each operation made on is automatically stored on web-platform. This information is condential and the customer has access to it only after passing the authentication, based on personal data input. The service has no analogues in the country.

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