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Tegeta Comfort

Customers of Tegeta Motors can enjoy the unique service. The company offers car repair without a visit to service center. Having implemented this new service Tegeta Motors comforts those who treasure time and prefer to avoid problem solving procedures at service centers.

New service of Tegeta Motors implies car service without the owner's visit to service center. Personal manager of TM will pay a visit to the destination and shall drive a car to service center for repair and maintenance.
Client satisfaction is a priority to the company, therefore personal manager keeps the owner informed (by phone) through the whole process of repair and only in agreement with the owner starts car repair works.

It is easy to order the new service to TM. The client contacts personal manager on the following number   599 09 09 03 and informs him personal data, vehicle data and chooses the desirable service. The personal manager pays a visit to the destination and takes over a car, which means that company undertakes full responsibility over it. The client can choose the way of transportation of a vehicle: with the help of personal manager or evacuator.


Call your personal manager: 599 09 09 03

Tegeta Comfort – Save time, Repair your car without visiting a service center.


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