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Cash back offer 50%

Tegeta motors offers its customers 50% cashback on winter tires , antifreeze and batteries available in  its network. As part of the action, when buying winter tires, batteries and antifreeze, exactly 50% of the amount paid is refunded to consumer at his Tegeta card.


Furthermore, in addition, any consumer will receive an unlimited warranty for Bridgestone winter tires, and when buying batteries, he will additionally receive a discount in case of delivery of old batteries up to 60 GEL with   50% cashback. The action is valid in all branches of Tegeta motors throughout Georgia.


You can use the amount accrued on Tegeta card until December 31, inclusive, when buying branded accessories, tools, car care products and any products in Tegeta network.


Tegeta also offers a service with preliminary reservation, through of which you can book a visit for a quick service or services. You can also use   “Tegeta comfort” service, within which the personal manager will come to the desired address and   transport your car to the service center on its own. This service can be used both by online reservation. At, and by calling at Tegeta hotline 032 226 44 44.

Cash back offer 50%


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