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New, Multi-brand diesel service center began functioning in TEGETA MOTORS. The main direction of which is providing service for light and truck cars, as well as for custom vehicles which work on diesel.

The center is equipped with high class, expensive equipment and is intended for repairing of diesel fuel systems of world -known manufacturers. At this point BOSCH is the trend mostly developed in the center. Beside BOSCH the center provides service to leader diesel equipment manufacturing brands like Denso, Delphi, VDO Diesel. Diesel service center is located at the central branch of TEGETA MOTORS. The major goal of the center is to make it affordable to accomplish high quality repair of fuel system equipment. Therefore, the service center has been equipped with expensive designated stands and hardware for diagnostics and repair.

High quality specialists provide service to customers. The center takes active care of mechanical engineers to raise their qualification to meet high standards of service provisioning. They take training courses in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, etc. Diesel service center is oriented on import of technical details and spare parts which has high demand on the local market. The center is authorized and offers customer the guaranteed service which gives evidence of high quality work.

If a vehicle comes to diesel service center for diagnostics and as a result of check-up malfunction of high pressure pump of diesel fuel is detected for example, it is important to follow a variety of technological processes for it to be repaired. The service center meets all international standards. So called Clean Rooms are arranged and equipped with test stands and repair of diesel fuel system unit of a car is fulfilled. This is complicated process and cleanness is very important, therefore each detail of equipment needs careful selection: specific towel, clean shoes, washing of internal components of the unit in chemical liquids, protection of diesel unit components from dust particles, which were taken to pieced for repair by means of special ventilation system, etc. The service center follows technological and business processes which mean washing of removed unit, dismantling, troubleshooting, pricing, price coordination with customer, assembling, stand testing and installation of repaired unit in the car. The center has access to premium quality parts and technical bases. Customer had to turn to informal service providers before the center was established.

Diesel service center takes responsibility for quality and meets customer requirements with affordable rates. The service handles light cars, micro-buses, truck and heavy vehicles equipped with diesel fuel system, such as dump trucks, bulldozer, loader-excavators, etc.

Keeping in mind the level of the service center there is no similar one in neighboring countries. Its operations and service extends to other countries of Transcaucasia



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