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Training of „KNORR- BREMSE "

On November 28-29 this year in the auditory  of "Tegeta Academy" the planned training of the company „KNORR- BREMSE " took place, which was  dedicated to the operation, and diagnostics of damages of ABS and EBS systems in trucks and trailers. The training was conducted with the mediation of MSX International.


The training was attended by employees of Tegeta Motors from Tbilisi and regions, whose duties include the repair of electro-pneumatic systems of cars and trailers.


The training was of great importance for our employees, who will be able to use the acquired knowledge in practical work.


“Knorr-Bremse” group  is a partner of “Tegeta Motors” and the world's leading manufacturer of brake systems for rail and commercial vehicles with nearly a century of experience in their field.




Training of „KNORR- BREMSE "

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