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Endless Warranty Terms for Batteries 

1. General provisions

1.1. “Tegeta Retail” LLC (hereinafter – “Seller”/”Company”) guarantees that no battery (hereinafter “Products”) prescribed by, purchased and installed at “Company” shall show any factory defect within the warranty term, and if any such defect detected, Company fully rectifies it free of charge as prescribed in these provisions, and if an electric failure of the Products” is detected, “Company” refunds the amount paid for “Products” to “Buyer”. . 

1.2. For the purposes of this document, a factory defect is the manufacturing defect of “Products” approved by the manufacturer of “Products” and an electric failure is such damage of “Products” that is caused due to external impact and makes the normal operation of “Products” impossible.  

1.3. No warranty liabilities of “Seller” apply to the defects caused due to normal wear or mechanical damages of “Products”. 

1.4. These warranty terms apply only to the “Products” purchased and installed at “Company”. 


 2. Warranty term

2.1. Upon purchase of “Products”, “Buyer” shall be notified that the endless warranty terms are applied to “Products” by means of providing the warranty document or SMS sent. 

2.2. The warranty term launches since the moment of transfer of “Products” in the ownership of “Buyer”. The date of transfer of “Products” into “Buyer’s” ownership is recorded by the representative of “Seller” in the warranty document,   invoice on purchase of “Products” or proof of payment document of price of “Products” issued by “Company”. 


3. Conditions for performance of the warranty liabilities 

3.1. Within not later than 48 (forty-eight) hours upon damage of “Products”,  “Buyer” has to present the damaged “Products” at any service-center of “Seller”.      

3.2. The warranty liabilities of “Seller” are effective only if “Buyer” complies with these warranty terms and exhibits the damaged “Products” accompanied with proof of identity document, the corresponding vehicle and proof of payment document of price of “Products” to “Seller”. 

3.3. The warranty liabilities of “Seller” imply repairing “Products” or refunding the price of “Products” to “Buyer” (if “Seller” fails to repair “Products”). In case of fulfillment of these warranty liabilities by “Buyer” these warranty terms become invalid for “Products”.

3.4. To perform the warranty liabilities, “Buyer” has to hand over “Products” to “Seller” for at least 3 (three) business days.    

3.5. No direct or indirect financial expenditures resulted from failure of “Products” (within the warranty term) and experienced by “Buyer” shall be reimbursed by “Seller”.  

3.6.  If the case is qualified by “Seller” as  ”Warranty Case”, the corresponding conclusion with this regard is recorded by “Seller” in certificate of damage in e-system of business processes’ management of Seller (SAP).   The conclusion should clarify whether the damaged “Products” subjects to restoration/repair, or the price of “Products” is to be refunded to “Buyer”. In the case of the warranty case, the term for repairing the “Products” or refunding amount shall be determined as the case may be and notified to “Buyer” in advance. 

3.7. “Buyer” is entitled to request the warranty services to be rendered to “Products” only within the framework of one case of damage.

3.8. If the parties fail to deal with the dispute related to the warranty terms via negotiations, the parties apply to LEPL “Levan Samkharauli National Forensic Bureau” to establish the reasons for damage of “Products” and the expertise expenses are covered by “Buyer”. Pursuant to the expert findings, if there is a factory defect of “Products” detected, “Seller” becomes obliged to compensate the expertise expenses to “Buyer”.     

3.9. The damaged “Products” replaced/changed in the result of warranty service, is in the ownership of “Seller”. 


4. Failure in performance of the warranty liabilities  

4.1. “Seller” is discharged from the warranty liabilities in the following cases:  

4.1.1.  If the vehicle has passed the service related to the mentioned “Products” in the service-center of other company;  

4.1.2. If the vehicle, where “Products” was installed, was not presented in the service-center of “Seller” for the purposes of rendering the warranty services;  

4.1.3. If the barcode/serial number or label of the presented “Products” is damaged and/or does not correspond to the number of the warranty document filled in the e-system of business process’ management of “Seller” (SAP). 


5. Refunding the value of “Products” to “Buyer” within the endless warranty period 

5.1. The amount refundable by “Seller” for “Products” within the framework of these warranty provisions shall be calculated in accordance with the following percentage index depending on the period elapsed from transfer of “Products” into ownership of “Buyer”: 

Elapsed period of realization

Refunding %

(From the purchase price of “Products”)

From 0  to 1 year 100%
From 1  to 2 year 80%
From 2  to 3 year 50%
From 3  to 4 year 20%
From 4  to 5 year 10%
From 5 years to undetermined term 5%


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