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Automobile oil is one of the most important products that is needed for any car. Everyone knows that when driving a car, its parts come into contact with each other with high frequency and power. Automobile oil is used to reduce this friction, make it more optimized and less dangerous.  

The oil must meet several mandatory requirements:

• protection of engine parts from corrosion;

• protection of parts, creation of a protective shell on their surface, which will prevent the wear and overheating of car parts during friction;

• deterging the sludge from the surface;

• preservation of its properties in high temperature conditions.




Engine oil


There are three varieties of motor oil: mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic. The use of synthetic oil is possible after any other type of oil only after washing the engine.

Even when the production of automobiles had just begun, unfiltered oil was supplied to the engine. For this reason, the average mileage reached several kilometers. A huge change was the decision to filter air, oil and fuel.


Transmission oil

An important factor is the timely change of oil in the gearbox, since being late can create many problems in the future. The period from changing the oil to the next change depends on the gearbox system and driving style. This gap ranges from 50 to 80,000 kilometers in the case of an automatic transmission. 



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