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Diesel Technic

Diesel Technic is one of the largest suppliers of automotive parts and accessories and was founded in Germany in 1972.

The core competence of Diesel Technic is to develop brand spare parts in guaranteed quality for various requirements and to ensure a worldwide supply of spare parts.

Distribution partners of the Company are introduced in over 150 countries.


The brand DT Spare Parts stands for a complete range with around 40,000 automotive parts and accessories with guaranteed quality and comprehensive service offerings.




The consistent orientation towards original quality and the continual development of the services have made the DT Spare Parts brand what it is today – a leading product brand in the automotive industry as an alternative to original parts of the manufacturer brands.


Apart from the brand DT, the Company is presented in automotive industry with the brand SIEGEL. The brand offers approximately 1,000 reliable automotive parts and accessories at attractive prices for economical repair and maintenance.



The international team of Parts Specialists supports customers on all questions concerning automotive parts and accessories from the brands of DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive.

The Parts Specialists help customers with their assembly instructions and product trainings to avoid problems and offer their best possible support.


Tegata Motors is a  official representative of Diesel Technic in Georgia. You can visit Tegeta Motors' branches or call us in order to choose and buy products. T: 0322264444





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