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Special offer for corporate customers

Only for corporate customers of Tegeta! From February 11 to February 29, inclusive, you will benefit from special prices for products within the framework of the promotion, take advantage of the following special conditions:

• winter tires for light cars - 25% off;

• truck tires -  special price (royal black 315/80 R22.5; 385/65 R22.5) 570 GEL;

• antifreezes - from 5 GEL;

• engine oils - from 7.5 GEL;

• batteries - additionally up to 90 GEL discount in case of Trade-in;

• light car spare parts and services - 20% off.



 For more information, contact your service branch or call at: 2 26 44 44.


Special offer for corporate customers


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