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Air pollution in Georgia is one of the most serious problems, especially in Tbilisi. The main pollutant is motor vehicles not functioning properly, the gases of which makes more than 75% of air pollution. In that form the danger of contamination of atmosphere increases year by year along with increase of motorization level and urbanization. That is why it is necessary to take into account how to take care of nature and our health. Of course, 21st century cannot be imagined without motor vehicles, though we can stop ecological catastrophe if using technically functional motor vehicle.


Tegeta Motors in the framework of the campaign #ARGAMBOLO offers to the owners of the cars to check free of charge their cars on toxicity of polluted gases, if the result complies with the eco standard, special sticker shall be issued with the information that the indicated car is checked at Tegeta Motors and has undergone pollutant gases control. If it reveals that due to particular reasons the motor vehicle failed to undergo control, owners of such cars will get 50% green voucher for the service, by means of which they could put into order the gas pollutant system.

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