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Tegeta Rent a Car operating lease

Does your company run one or more company cars? Our long-term vehicle rental offering, also known as operational leasing, may be of interest to you.

Tegeta Rent a Car, subsidiary of Tegeta Motors can offer you a complete financing and management solution for your vehicle fleet.


Entrust your vehicle fleet to an expert


Long-term leasing

Reduce your administrative and operational workload by entrusting your fleet to a leasing specialist.

  • Flexible selection of vehicle;
  • Maintenance and repairs;
  • Insurance;
  • Tyre management;
  • Roadside assistance;
  • Replacement vehicle;
  • Fuel;
  • Chauffeur;
  • Personal Manager


Long-term leasing consists of renting one or more vehicles, over a period of time and a number of kilometers determined in advance, in return for a monthly rental payment.


Streamlined Balance Sheet

Vehicle financing does not affect on your company’s balance sheet, which is good for your solvency ratio. Your business thus preserves its investment capacity.

Fixed Monthly Payment

With long-term leasing you rent your company vehicle for a fixed monthly amount: there are no unexpected costs and your expenditure is evenly distributed. This make it easier to manage your budget.


By outsourcing the management of your vehicle fleet, you do not have to worry about the associated administrative and operational workload and you therefore save precious time. Your company will have dedicated personal manager who will be responsible for pick up and drop off for regular maintenance service.


Tel: 599 430 209 ; 244 80 80

Tegeta Rent a Car operating lease

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