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Value of Battery

A battery is one of the most significant details of a vehicle. Its main purpose is to bring the engine into working condition, however, along with the development of modern vehicles, the functions and tasks of the battery are constantly increasing.

The battery is often referred to as a heart of a vehicle. The modern vehicle is equipped with many complex electrical gauges. It is exactly the battery that supplies electricity necessary for functioning of the various devices responsible for the safe and comfortable journey of the driver and passenger.

It should be noted that the most common cause of a vehicle failure, approximately one of every three cases, is exactly the battery failure. This fact once again emphasizes the need to take care of the well-functioning battery. Naturally, rationality requires checking the capabilities of the battery, the limit of feasibility before facing any problems.

Checking the battery functionality is possible at Tegeta Motors Service Centers; only a 15-minutes procedure is required for diagnosing. You may use the preliminary online-reservation service and save time: TGM.GE.

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Battery purpose

Battery is a heart of a vehicle. It supplies power to all electrical gauges and when battery problems are originated, all of these gauges lose their function.


A battery is responsible for:

• the vehicle safety

• the vehicle comfortable environment

• the optional car accessories

• the work of the functional attributes of the vehicle.  



The role of a battery in the vehicle safety:

• windshield heating: windshield cooling in the cold winter weather entails a reduction of visibility area, and its heating prevents this problem. The battery supplies the windshield heating system with 120W;

• windshield wipers: windshield wipers provide unobstructed visibility during rainy and frosty weather. Approximately 80-150 W necessary for their functioning, is produced exactly by the battery;

• low and high beam headlights: in the evening hours,  the well-functioning of low and high beam headlights is necessary for the road illumination. To this end, the battery releases 50W of power.



The role of the battery in the operation of comfortable vehicle accessories:

• electric heating: it is doubtless that interior heating is necessary for comfortable journey in winter.  Interior heating is one of the largest consumers of energy; the battery supplies it with 1000W;

• seat heating: as for seat heating, approximately 100 to 200W   is consumed per each seat;

• air conditioning: in hot weather, on the contrary, it becomes necessary to use an air conditioner. For this, the battery produces 500W.


Battery functions for optional car accessories:

• power roof: the functioning of a power roof needs 200W from a battery averagely;

• electrical regulation of windows: the system for regulating windows and doors of a car is fully powered by battery power and consumes 200W;

• lighter: so-called  lighter is used in most cases to charge the phone and consumes an average of 100W.


 The role of the battery in the operation of the functional attributes of a vehicle


• motor starter: 800 to 3.000W of electric power is needed   to start a vehicle,  which is supplied to the engine by a battery using a starter (the so-called “starter”);

• radiator: for the well-functioning of the motor, the smooth-running cooling system is necessary. Exactly for this the battery provides 800W;

• engine management system: in order to comply with modern environmental standards, an engine management system (EMS) is required. To do this, the battery generates 200W energy.

The factors influencing the functioning of the battery: severe climate is one of the enemies of the battery. Problems for the battery are created not only by cold, but also by hot weather. High temperature accelerates the corrosion process in the battery, accordingly, its serviceability decreases.

Also, a negative effect on the battery is caused by the long resting position of the. In this case, the battery energy can be completely exhausted for several weeks.

The problem worsens with the age of the vehicle. The battery operating in the old vehicle runs down even faster.


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