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Remote service

Based on the current situation, for your maximum comfort and safety, Tegeta Motors offers an online shop and remote service and thereby you can purchase products and repair a vehicle without leaving your home, without the need to visi car dealerships or service centers.


You are given the opportunity to choose any product from the Tegeta catalogue and purchase it through an online shop on the website ( In addition, you can also perform the same operations through a call center (0322264444). After the purchase, you can use the delivery service to any place throughout Tbilisi. Our courier will deliver the purchased items as soon as possible.


We also offer the services of Tegeta comfort. If any product or service needed, a personal manager will ensure taking the car, the service to be held and its delivery back. Tegeta comfort covers the following services:



  • Services of a personal manager (any service if needed)
  • On-site battery delivery / installation
  • Tow truck services within 24 hours
  • On-site vehicle starting
  • • Leaving the vehicle in the branch
  • • Vehicle replacement.


Remote service
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