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Tegeta fully shifts to public and medical services

Based on the situation created in the country, Tegeta Motors will be fully focused on the services to state, medical, distribution and corporate vehicles.


Tegeta Motors, as a company with high social responsibility, having borne in mind the recommendations of the Government of Georgia, as well as those of the National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health adopted to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), decided to temporarily suspend the retail services and completely shift to the services to state, medical , distribution and corporate vehicles.

In this situation, we aim at provision of special-purpose vehicles with high-quality, prompt technical support, as their working order   is of great importance today. The modern infrastructure of Tegeta Motors throughout the country, the necessary resources and a highly professional team makes it possible to provide service to the vehicles of the above-mentioned category at full load for 24 hours and in compliance with all safety norms. 




The company's employees are fully equipped with all the necessary equipments to prevent the spread and transmission of the virus. In daily mode, the disinfection works are carried out in the service centres, as well as a complete disinfection of each entered passenger car and truck is provided.



Tegeta fully shifts to public and medical services

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