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20 years of cooperation of "Tegeta motors" and "Bridgestone"  

Tegeta Motors and Bridgestone celebrated 20 years of cooperation.


Tegeta motors is the exclusive representative of Bridgestone in Georgia.


The event has summarized up the past 20 years and   a trilateral memorandum of cooperation for the next 20 years among Tegeta Motors, Mitsubishi corporation and Bridgestone corporation has been signed.


“Bridgestone is the world's leading Japanese tire manufacturer, which produces tires for both passenger and 4x4 vehicles and trucks and during the period of its existence it is constantly distinguished by the quality of production and innovations. The company was established in 1931 in Japan, the city of Kurume, by Shojiro Ishibashi. The brand name comes from the name of the founder, Ishibashi in Japanese means a stone of bridge, which in English is translated as Bridgestone. The basic philosophy of the brand goes from   this idea, it is a brand for which the production of high-quality products and concern for well-being of society in this way is of ultimate value. It is this approach to business that has led Bridgestone to becoming a leader among tire manufacturers in terms of both quality and international sales. The company has 77 plants in about 30 countries and unites up to 150,000 employees.

20 years of cooperation of "Tegeta motors" and "Bridgestone"


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