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Green Card

Buy a hybrid at Toyota Center Tegeta and take part in CSR campaign.

As Georgia faces huge environmental problems and one of the main reasons causing these problems is the fuel emission, Toyota Center Tegeta, fully recognizing its share of responsibility on this issue, currently represents a lot of models with a hybrid engine in its model line-up, such as:

• Toyota Camry hybrid

• Toyota Corolla hybrid

• Toyota RAV4 hybrid

• Toyota C-HR hybrid

• Toyota Prius Hybrid


Therewith, we want to encourage our potential buyers once again and, in the case of buying any vehicle with a hybrid engine, we offer to such buyer to be involved in Toyota Tegeta CSR campaign, which means that all individuals buying a hybrid car at Toyota Center Tegeta will be awarded a green card and become a member of Toyota Green Road Club :


• which means that upon every 2000 km. mileage in the forest park of Ajameti, 1 oak which is on the verge of extinction will be planted in his name;

• in addition, he will be given a voucher for tree planting, allowing to choose a plant for the house or landscaping the yard.

Green Card

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