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Tegeta with you #forsafety

The road accidents that became more frequent and the high level of air pollution confirm that the car that is in suitable operating condition is one of the main preconditions not only for our safety, but for the safety of the people around us.

That’s why this year Tegeta Motors starts a campaign – Tegeta with you for safety. The main objective of the campaign is to raise awareness and responsibility – for beginners and experienced drivers and for the pedestrians – how to drive a car, how to move on the pedestrian sidewalk, or how to cross the road. Our aim is to protect the safety of each citizen and care about secure road trips together.

According to the researches, we spend approximately 300 hours yearly in transportation and this number increases every year, accordingly the need for suitable operating condition of the car is rising too. The suitable operation of the car ensures our safety and the safety of the people around us. Even the failure of the insignificant detail may cause the damage to the car, which may impose us to the threat. 

 “Tegeta Motors” has been caring for the improvement of the traffic movement in Georgia for already 24 years and during this period we have put in order more than half million cars. This way we ensured the health and safety for even more people. Our main value is the safe traveling of every citizen”. 

Based on this idea, “Nugo” was created – careless driver that gets involved in different accidents, because he didn’t take care on suitable operation of the car in advance.

Meet Nugo!

Have you met #Nugo? It is time to tell you about him in detail!

Nugo is a careless driver and he didn’t come to repair a car timely.

Watch the video, Nugo hardly escaped a road accident!

Do you want to travel securely? Don’t be like Nugo and check your car in time.

Tegeta with you #forsafety #travelsecurely

Tegeta with you #forsafety

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